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The Burnstown Rowing Club is a recreational rowing club based out of Burnstown, Ontario (between Arnprior and Renfrew). Members range in age from mid-teens to senior.

New members must take the Learn-to-Row class before becoming a full-fledged member. Membership gives you access to the club boathouse, where the club stores training singles, along with single and double sculls for various weight ranges. Boats are booked through an online booking system.

All members:

  • must abide by all rules, by-laws and constitution of the club
  • undertake any activity associated with the club entirely at their own risk and are medically fit to undertake such activities
  • agree to hold the Burnstown Rowing Club harmless for any personal injury sustained by themselves or any other person, and for any loss or damage to the rowing club premises or property
  • are aware that if they are involved in any damage to, or loss of club equipment, on water or on land that they may be required to indemnify the Club for all or part of the subsequent costs , depending on the nature of the incident.
  • as a condition of membership, are expected on occasion and within reason to assist the club through voluntary assistance.


Adult $300.00

Family (up to 4 members) $600

Student $210

Learn to Row: Same as above (includes 5 free lessons as part of membership)

To Register for 2022 please send an email to

All application forms will be sent by Docusign to all members.  Once you have filled out those forms, you can register with Row Canada by following the instructions below:

Note: This year and onwards all new members, learn to row, and pre-existing rowers as well as coaches and executive members have to register through the Row Canada website in addition to filling out our Burnstown Rowing Club form.

The Process is as follows:

  • Login into Rowing Canada REGISTER/JOIN
  • For rowers choose – JOIN A PROGRAM

For Executive and or Coaches choose – ROLES

  • Choose Province
  • Choose Organization (Burnstown Rowing Club)
  • Choose which category, either learn to row, recreational (this should be rower) or student

Log in or Create an Account. Most previously registered rowers probably have an account at Rowing Canada but assume you don’t.

As you go through the process of making one, the system might say that you already have a registration number (write it down somewhere for next year).

After this, there are a few spots where you are asked to tick a box that you AGREE to waive your concerns, etc. (eventually you will be finished).

Row Canada will let Cari know that you are registered, and THE CLUB will be billed for your Row Canada/Row Ontario fees.

You then pay your fees to Cari by e-transfer at and you are on the water.