Learn to row

The Burnstown Rowing Club has an active Learn-to-Row program. New members complete five sessions, which are included in their membership fee. Rowers will start off in an Edon recreational single, which is a durable, stable boat. Each lesson lasts approximately one hour and new members are recommended to book their lessons as close together as possible. All five lessons should be completed within two weeks.

Lessons are provided by the club’s official coaching instructor Lee Narraway, who is a certified rowing coach through Rowing Canada. Lessons are arranged between the instructor and the student, and are held in the early morning, late afternoon or early evening. Typically sessions start near the end of May or early June — once the water is warm enough.

At the conclusion of their program, new members will be able to practise in an Edon recreational single — continuing to learn at their own pace — until they have advanced enough to row in one of the more advanced club sculls. The club also has a buddy system for individuals who have graduated from the Learn-to-Row program.


  • Able to swim
  • Willingness to learn
  • Able to grasp some technical instructions
  • Able to transport the learning singles to and from the dock (at least age 14)